Sunday, July 1, 2012

What I'm consuming

I think I'll make this type of post a regular thing, so I've been exposing myself to a myriad of new ideas through music and books. First, a song. This is actually an old song, but I just stumbled upon it, so it's new to me. The song was used as background for a video about an art project featuring Barbie and Ken (yes, you read that right). Monogold- Dead Sea Minerals You can play this while you read about the books that I am reading. I just finished a book called Make Your Place: Affordable, Sustainable Nesting Skills. This book is the most user-friendly DIY book I have encountered. In fact, it is so user-friendly, I will be making my own shampoo this week. I have recently become infatuated with the do-it-yourself aesthetic as a means of living outside of the consumer conciousness and living a simpler lifestyle. This book offers simple recipes for everything from nosebleeds and intestinal distress to cleaning your body and your home. Raleigh Briggs is a bonafide expert on the subject matter, but she also makes the information accessible to DIY novices such as myself. So good and so worth anyone reading. If you want it, it can be purchased on my favorite publisher's website, Microcrosm Publishing.
The other song that I can't get enough of is Alpine's Gasoline. It just feels so summer. I discovered this song from one of my favorite writers. Her book (and all women who love music should read this book) is called Record Collecting for Girls. I've read it twice and would be reading it a third time, but it's packed in Colorado. She posted on facebook that this Alpine song is her summer crush. Since I consider her writing the word of God when it comes to music, I had to have a listen. It's now my summer crush. Alpine- Gasoline I have begun to train myself in the art of reading multiple books. I am trudging through a very academic book called Anarchism and Anarcho-Syndicalism by Rudolf Rocker. It's slow-going because of the history and jargin. To temper the intensity of the politics in Anarchism and Anarcho-Syndicalism, I am also reading Hotel of the Saints by Ursula Hegi. This book was purchased for me by one of my dear friends in Denver, Anna. Ursula Hegi lived in the Pacific Northwest and has a very distinct style of writing that conjures the mood of this region of the country. I just started reading Hotel of the Saints last night, so I can not vouch for it, but I read Unearned Pleasures and Other Stories when I first got here (another gift from Anna) and loved it. That's what I'm consuming right now.

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