Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Checking In

Hey Guys! I'm back. Once again, I've been MIA. To be honest I've been avoiding the blog and, especially my last entry (I won't even read it and have considered deleting it-- it's just too raw). The thing is, there just wasn't much to report. Still looking, still waiting, still hoping-- other than that, there's just not been a lot to report. But I know that some people rely on this blog to hear about what I'm up to, so I figured I'd at least check in and give you some information about what's going on in my world. Here are some happenings and observations in my life: 1. The head chef at Gallo Nero Trattoria remembered me when I came in today! He said the guys were all on vacation, but come September they'll be back and I should start frequenting the restaurant on Sundays for a good Italian time! 2. Cemeteries remind me of Iowa. I learned this on my way to an interview today while passing a cemetery. I think it's solely because anyone I've known personally who's died is buried in Iowa. Still, kind of a weird and morbid realization. 3. I volunteered at the Portland Zine Symposium last weekend and had a really great time. I will be writing more about this later, once I feel ready to seriously blog again. 4. Trading e-mails to make friends and going for coffee is an actual thing in Portland. I had several people at the Portland Zine Symposium say "We should totally trade e-mails so we can hang out!" I don't know about anyone else, but I'm used to people trading phone numbers, not e-mails. I just thought it was funny. Also, people here suggest going to coffee to hang out as a serious thing. I feel like in Colorado people suggest coffee, but that's just to cover for the fact that they'd rather go for a beer but don't want to look like a lush (or is that just me?) But the coffee is just that good in Portland that it rivals the beer. This really is a city of liquids. 5. I have a pen pal in Chicago now! He's the writer of the zine "Cheer the Eff Up" and I'm so excited to trade letters and zines with him. 6. I've learned that I'm old-school when it comes to establishing new relationships (friendships, romances, etc.) despite my social awkwardness. When someone gives me their phone number, I never start by texting them. I always call first. It just feels more genuine. You know, like your actually putting in the effort to start the relationship? This sucks because talking on the phone scares the shit out of me. I'm terrified of talking on the phone! It's a weird paradox for me. 7. Getting established in Portland is hard. I've spoken to a lot of people lately (people I am confident will soon become friends) and they've all said the same thing about my frustrating experience here. Portland makes you sweet talk her and it will take you a long time to find a job with which you can stand and a home that you actually identify as home. 8. I want to go to the ocean... and I might actually be going... with a very special someone! It's weird how this happened. I had the thought this afternoon that I really needed some time from the city and that a trip to the seaside might be beneficial for me. It's been terribly hot here this week and so the girl I've been pining after suggested we get out of town, possibly to the beach for a swim. I will not be filling you in on the details of how this exchange transpired, as I believe that, at a certain point, it's important to protect your private life. 9. To that end, I find myself craving some quiet in my life. What I mean by this is simply that I am eager to feel more settled. I want the routine of a job and a place that I picture when I say "I'm ready to go home." I think my increasing age has made me a little less tolerant of instability. I'm just looking forward to feeling more established here soon. I'll talk to you guys soon. I promise I'll try to be a little better about what and how I post on the blog!

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