Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Making Some Noise

Alright people, I'm going to make some noise right now, so if you're not a big fan of The Rant, skip this blog post. What the fuck does it mean to be over-qualified? I mean, when it comes to jobs, you're one or the other, aren't you? And if you have additional skills above and beyond the qualifications, shouldn't that employer be lucky to have you? I don't understand how an employer can not hire someone because they're overqualified. The line of thinking (which I totally disagree with) is that people who are overqualified will get bored and leave the job sooner. The truth is that employees leave for a myriad of unpredictable reasons and their skill set being above average for the job description is not an indicator that they will be more likely to leave. The only employee who will leave an organization is someone who is independently wealthy, and let me tell you something: they're not the ones looking for jobs. It's us common folk who really just need a job-- any job-- because we live in a capitalist economy that requires money to survive. Most of us have a job because we need the money, not because we're "so passionate about customer service" or other such nonsense. I have decided that any company should be so lucky to have my wide range of skills, knowledge, and personality qualities, damn it! Why the hell am I begging for a job? Furthermore, we human beings created these employment institutions and yet they run our lives as if they are real. Companies aren't really real, as in they don't have an identity and they can't make something happen. It's the people in a company that make something happen. Yet we constantly hand over power to companies and beg for employment from them as if they are a living entity. People make themselves unhappy in jobs they loathe because they're afraid of the instability of leaving, interviewers pine after and sweat out that phone call that determines whether you have the job or not. It's demeaning and inhuman and unnecessary. I am so angry at the system right now for causing so much anxiety and unhappiness in my life. I am fearful that in 30 days I will have no money and I'll have to abort the pursuit of my dream-- living in Portland. An economy should exist to help people get the things they need and want. I'm not talking strictly about things that you consume. I should feel free and supported by the economy that my fellow human beings created to move to Portland because I love it there and I learn to become a better writer, and self-publish and become a part of the radical community. It seems wrong that I might be forced to leave the city I love because no one will hire me there-- particularly when, quite honestly, I am pretty damn valuable and there is no reason that someone like me shouldn't have a job. I'm sure you can deduce how the job hunt is going. I have a fall-back, but it's not good. It's minimum wage and part time-- they want to promote me to management as soon as possible and that isn't minimum wage and is full time, but who knows how long that will take. Feeling sad and scared and really REALLY pissed off.

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