Monday, June 11, 2012

The Chronicle

Dear Reader, It has come to my attention that I have been using facebook to chronicle my journey here in Portland. That relationship is not working out for me or my facebook friends. I can't get in enough writing to satiate my need to expound upon the events and emotions I am experiencing, and my poor facebook friends have to endure way too many posts from me. Annoying. In lieu of facebook and as an addition to the zine that I am writing on the side, In Transition is my attempt to work through the anxieties, joys, frustrations, and bizarre episodes that I face in my reckless move to Portland. For anyone who may later follow this blog who is not acquainted with me (though I suspect only friends and family will actually endure my verbose rantings and idiotic sense of humor), I recently quit my job as an English teacher and moved from Denver, Colorado to Portland, Oregon (not Maine). I did so without any job prospects, without a house (I'm bunking at a friend's house), without a car, and, ultimately, without any real plan. All of this unknown has been inspired by way too much zine reading and an intense desire to become a part of the radical community. Portland got me into zines, independent publishing, bicycle polo, anarchy, social activism, and living on the fringe over two years ago. I came for a visit, but wasn't so sure about this city. But the people won me over. The people make Portland. So, here I am. Begging to be one of them and hoping you find me and my journey (both geographical and existential) as amusing as I do. Write Soon! Carly

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