Saturday, June 16, 2012


I had my first interview this morning with a large, upscale department store for which I worked when I was getting my degree in Design and Merchandising. At the time, this company was the perfect fit for me, but I left them because, even though I didn't know it yet, retail wasn't really the place for me. I thought it was just the company that wasn't a good fit. Anyway, in my desperation to find a job, any job, I applied with them and was contacted quickly. I like this company because they treat their employees well. However, this particular position requires me to work in customer service and one of the quotas that I need to make each day I work is to sign at least one person up for the "rewards program." This sounds innocuous (they did that on purpose), but it's actually their store credit card. Now, I believe myself to be perfectly capable of meeting this quota, but I was instantly uncomfortable at the suggestion. At a time when I moving into a do-it-yourself mentality that privileges self-sufficiency over consumerism, I find myself struggling with convincing people to sign themselves into more debt. Debt (both credit card and student loan debt) has gotten me into trouble, and I am still struggling to climb out of it. How can ask people to make the mistakes I made, knowing that they will pay for it far into their future? I also found the company's labeling of the credit card (the "rewards program") deceptive and feeding into the buy-crap culture in which we live. Part of my move here was to purge myself of my own obsessive consumerism and live a more simplistic, self-reliant lifestyle. I'm now debating whether I can accept this job. In a city where unemployment is at 8.5% (not the highest, but still high), I have been offered a pretty sweet deal if I get this job (which I think I will. I interviewed well.) I would be at an "elevated position," which means I would get paid more and could live a more comfortable lifestyle. My principles are telling me not to accept the job, but if don't accept, I have to wait longer to move into a house, get my dog from Colorado, and start living my life here. Hmmm... Maybe I won't get the job, and the problem will be solved for me?

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